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Designer Diaries – Episode 9: The Day I Cried At A Meeting

Well guys, it happened.

I cried at a client meeting…in front of a client.

I know what you are thinking… How unprofessional?! Why would she do that?! Isn’t her job like just decorating and having fun?

It ain’t all sunshine and roses. Especially not on that day.

I will set the scene for you:

I met with a client that needed help with some kitchen floor plans. She already had an idea of what she wanted and there were some “must-haves” on the list. She seemed like a very nice lady, but had a lot on her plate and was very stressed. We left the initial meeting thinking we were on the same page, and away I went to start designing.

>> thinking is the main word here <<

Fast forward to a month later where I show up drawings in hand to the meeting.

My client is frazzled and stressed from the work day she has had. I can understand that. I ask her if this is still a good time. “Yes”, she says, “I need the distraction.”

OK great. So away I go at explaining my design and concepts. Immediately, she was not pleased. “I could have thought of this.” “I didn’t want that there.” “This is not working.”

As I continued to explain my reasoning, I could tell she was not having it.  This was the first pass at the design, and I always expect to make a couple tweaks before it becomes final. Even explaining this did not help.

I walked into the other room and began to collect my bag. I felt that I had just struck out and could not help this client. I started to feel tears rolling down my eyes when my client asks, “What’s wrong?”

That is the moment that I broke down and cried at a client meeting, in front of a client.

I told her that I had never experienced being this disconnected with a client before and that I just needed a moment to figure out what was going on. I told her that my goal is to always make my client happy, no matter how many revisions it takes.

Seeing me cry actually calmed her down and she began to apologize. She told me about the bad things that happened at work, and that her mind was just everywhere and not focused.

As we sat there for another half an hour talking, we were able to come up with a design for the kitchen that worked for both of us. We hugged before I left and felt that that moment reminded both of us that it is OK to be human and express your feelings.

The reason I cried is because I care. I care about my work and my livelihood.

Even though I felt disconnected, I continued to work with my client to make sure she understood why I designed the way I did, and ultimately created a design that met her needs.

And although I never want to cry at a client meeting again, I was grateful it happened because it taught me to face this challenge head on instead of just bolting out the door.

Always search for the silver linings!

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  • October 19, 2017

    Vickie Knemeyer

    As your mentor, and Mum, I am so very proud of how you are handling different situations. Nothing or no one is perfect and yeah s*#t happens. But how you react to different issues with clients shows me that you are tuned in to them and only want to make their life a happier place. You’ve shown such growth, and whatever you’ve touched, you’ve left a little bit of sunshine behind. Just remember, you are human, and to forgive yourself when mistakes happen.

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