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Will your money be well spent? How do you budget for a Designer? What does a Designer actually do? These are all valid questions! I’ve got some answers… read on.

I think the term “Designer” has a bit of a bad rep… There is a preconceived notion that that our job is pretty glamorous and we just get to pick out pretty things and spend other people’s money.

While the last part of that statement is true, our job is no where near glamorous and while we like to pick out pretty things, we are always working within the client’s budget, so we choose pretty and affordable things.

Hiring a Designer at the beginning of a remodel or new construction is one of the best ways to save money AND time.


Aren’t they expensive? Let me explain – an Interior Designer with a little knowledge of construction and project management can help save A LOT of money and time. First of all, they know what is possible and what isn’t quite possible. And if they don’t know, the right Designer will find out for you. Second, your Designer is your advocate. I can’t say that enough. We are there to help you decide and determine what you want your space to ultimately look and feel like. We can do this a number of ways: space planning, conceptual drawings, mood boards, samples, photos…anything to help convey our vision, we will do. Next, your Designer puts all of the design elements together and prepares a handy little design folder. This folder has all of your drawings, renderings, photos, and spec sheets…basically your home in paper form. Of course every Designer has his/her own method to the madness. We’re doing all of the hard work up front before any construction happens.


Well, when you are getting ready to hire a Contractor, if you already have your prospective design ready to go, not only will they be able to prepare a bid more accurately, they will do it faster! And if they have any questions, they can always ask the Designer to clarify before anything gets lost in translation. We’re here to prevent the “little misunderstandings” that can be costly.


How can you budget for a Designer? Well, some Designers work with on an hourly basis or a fixed rate. You can always ask your Designer to provide you with an estimate on how many hours they’d use on your job, and work from there. While I don’t have an exact number on how much money you can save by hiring a Designer, I can tell you with 100% confidence that you will save time, money and your sanity by hiring us early on.

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